Emergency Service - 704-962-0460

Emergency Service - 704-962-0460

Water & Sewer Line Repair in Indian Trail, Mint Hill, Charlotte, NC

Water and sewer pipes are most always under constant pressure. Most pipes are buried underground and, over time, may fail. A failure in the pipe can result in a bursting event that can then cause massive water damage, leading to expensive repairs if not handled as quickly as possible. As a customer, you may not immediately see an underground water or sewer break. One symptom of a possible pipe failure may be muddy or cloudy water coming from your tap. If you see colored water coming from your tap, please do not drink the water and call R&R Plumbing immediately.

If you're experiencing a water main or sewer main break emergency, please call us immediately at 704-962-0460!

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Water and Sewer Services

- Sewer repair
- Toilet clog
- Main sewer line blockage
- Replacing sewer line
- Drains
- Cleaning sewer lines
- Main line cleaner
- Sewer lining
- Tree roots in sewer line
- Clogged sink or drain
- Plumbing snake